The Haitian American Caucus Volunteer Program in Haiti was established over two years ago and continued after the January 12th earthquake in 2010. HAC's Haiti operations includes providing logistical solutions to NGO's, as well as working with individual volunteers. HAC has expanded its volunteer program and will continue operations in Haiti for the foreseeable future. This is a great opportunity for you and your friends to volunteer in Haiti in a safe and productive way. Volunteers have the option to stay at one HAC's two volunteer facilities in Croix Des Bouquets and Les Cayes. As a HAC volunteer, you will receive lodging, three meals per day, clean water, security, and transportation to and from the airport as well as to the volunteer site.  The cost to volunteer is $25 US dollars a day and will consist of the items mentioned above.  We also offer group rates for groups of 7 or more. You also have the opportunity to spend between one week to 3 months in Haiti. HAC volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in various projects including but not limited to:

·      Working with Children

·      Teaching

·      Health/Medical

·      Construction i.e. Temporary and long-term housing

·      Tent Camp Evaluations

·      Orphanage Assistance

·      and many more!

Community English Courses

Haiti’s proximity to the United States and English’s growing prominence in global markets is making the English language an attractive quality to prospective employers in Haiti. After many in the Croix-des-Bouquets area displayed interest in learning English, HAC started three English courses in 2010: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The classes are taught by two locals who went through the courses themselves and are supplemented with the help of English speaking volunteers that visit.

Primary School








Education is the foundation for the development of communities and nations. In Haiti, over 90% of primary schools are private and require their students to pay tuition, books, and uniform costs. The result is that families are often forced to choose between which children to send to school and many students miss out on months to years of education when their family is unable to pay. HAC is supporting Ecole Shalom in Michaud, a small community in Croix-des-Bouquets to provide a quality education for all children, regardless of their parents’ ability to pay. This school was established in 2003 and as of school year 2010-2011, 75 students were enrolled. HAC is only able to accept additional students through child education sponsorships and partnerships with other organizations. Students can be sponsored for $125 a year. M.A.D.E has joined HAC in providing 3 vegetarian meals a week for students.

Goat Husbandry

In areas where resources such as animal feed and grazing fields are limited, smaller animals like goats are better suited to thrive. This is the case in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti. In fact, a short walk through any dusty neighborhood would give you the opportunity to see these goats. Because they are already a familiar animal and provide such good nutrition, the Haitian American Caucus has begun a project to provide interested families that display need with a female goat. In an effort to sustain the project, exponentially expand its effects and give families the opportunity to become a donor themselves, HAC facilitates the "gifting" of a female goat. After the first offspring, the owner of the goat will pass on a kid back to HAC to sustain the project and one to another community family who will start the same process. A veterinarian will lead an educational seminar for all prospective goat owners to teach best practices to maintain animal health. This vet will also be available once a month to answer any questions and to provide a check-up on the goats. Parents will gain dignity as they are better able to provide for their families, children will be better nourished and the entire community will benefit as their neighbors increase their economic possibilities. There are already more than 50 interested families with the potential of more in the surrounding areas; however, HAC is currently only positioned to provide 10 goats. With your help, we can expand this program to quickly reach more people with nutrition and sustainable hope for a better future.

Micro Loans

Haiti’s streets are filled with the evidence of the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives here. HAC is capitalizing on this already present interest in entrepreneurship and providing resources to take business owners into viable, sustainable businesses. Each loan is given to a group of people to ensure it is paid back. Once a group has paid their loan, they are eligible to borrow higher amounts. Individuals participating in the program are required to attend one of our education programs so they can gain better business practices.

Community Garden, Tree Nursery and Seed bank

Michuad, Haiti is an agrarian community and its economy depends largely on its agricultural output. In an effort to provide economic development, HAC is building the capacity of local farmers in a variety of ways. Farmers now have access to improved farming techniques that yield higher outputs on their crops. These hands on seminars are given through a partnership with PROViDE and local agronomists. We are also building a tree nursery and garden to provide subsidized plants to give them an edge on getting into the global market. We will later buy back their seeds to grow new plants and trees. This also ensures that trees are kept long term, reforesting Haiti and providing sustainable sources of nutrition and income for families.

Women's Group

Inspired by the event we hosted for International Women's Day, HAC is now building a program specifically designed to support and empower women in the community. The women's group, called "Circle of Friendship of the Ferme Blanchard", has already hosted 4 meetings. Although still in the beginning stage, the program has already had a great impact on the women involved. The group of women ranges from all ages (15-65 yrs). "We are embracing one another and are learning to support each other" says Rebecca Gerlus, project manager. We are currently starting our fund raising to be able to wear our shirts with our symbol. Our topics of discussion varies from women empowerment, to breast cancer, sexual transmitted disease. We are please to also say that the women of Circle of Friendship also participate on the different projects that HAC is funding. We hope to grow into a strong empowering group of women that contributes to the development of the community, empowers others as we move along, establishes partnerships with other women's organizations nationally and internationally.

Literacy Courses

Illiteracy rates in Haiti are currently higher than 70%. This not only limits employment opportunities, but also makes the population vulnerable. For example, consumers in the marketplace can easily be taken advantage of when they are unable to do to simple arithmetic. HAC is combating this statistic by offering literacy courses to adults in Croix-des-Bouquets.

Teachers’ Summer Institute(TSI)

There is a huge shortage of teachers in Haiti that have received adequate training to prepare them for the difficult task of teaching several subjects to various ages, not too mention other issues that arise in the classroom setting. For example, working with students with developmental disabilities. Another part of the issue is that the few teachers with extended training are generally at the best paying schools. This leaves hundreds of thousands of students who are unable to pay for this type of education, or in communities where it is not even an option, missing out on the opportunity to receive a basic education. The Haitian American Caucus recognizes this injustice and has proposed to start an annual Teachers Summer Institute. During this week-long program, teachers from around the area, and eventually the country, would participate in advanced training led by volunteers from Haiti and around the world. These teachers would then take the practices back to their schools and for each teacher trained an average of 25 students a year would benefit. In total, we're looking at impacting over 1500 new children each year. Right now, we are seeking qualified teachers, school administrators, and other professionals in the field to design and implement the training. This is shaping some of the specifics for the program. For example, we will be able to offer the teachers training in working with students with developmental disabilities this summer because we have secured a professional in the area. Other aspects of the program, such as Classroom Management will be a staple class. Right now, we need help in a few areas. One is connecting with the Haitian diaspora working in the educational sector who would be interested in participating in TSI. We also need resources to host TSI and to provide teachers who complete TSI with materials to take back to their classrooms. To accomplish either of those goals, we need people spreading the word about TSI and ways to get involved.

Depending on each volunteer’s skill sets, specific project may be assigned; however, volunteers will be assigned based on the need at the time of arrival in Haiti.  We are also open to ideas and/or problems that volunteers wish to address while in the country. If a volunteers wish to establish a particular project that they are passionate about, which will improve the current situation of the Haitian people, they are welcome to speak to our staff to see if their proposed idea would work in country. We will work with you to the best of our abilities to bring your project to life.

College Students who are looking for an Alternative Spring Break experience are encouraged to apply. We have weekly Rotations of volunteer groups coming to Haiti each month, please contact us for the next open group availability. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with the Haitian American Caucus, please contact us at

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Current Available Volunteer Rotation Dates:

Rotation # 1: January 1st - January 8th
Rotation # 2: January 8th - January 15th
Rotation # 3: January 15th - January 22nd
Rotation # 4: January 22nd - January 29th
Rotation # 5: January 29th - February 5th
Rotation # 6: February 5th - February 12th
Rotation # 7: February 12th - February 19th
Rotation # 8: February 19th - February 26th
Rotation # 8: February 26th - March 5th
Rotation # 9: March 5th - March 12th
Rotation # 10: March 12th - March 19th
Rotation # 11: March 19th - March 26th
Rotation # 12: March 26th - April 2nd
Rotation # 13: April 2nd - April 9th
Rotation # 14: April 9th - April 16th
Rotation #15: April 16th - April 23rd
Rotation #16: April 23rd - April 30th
Rotation #17: April 30th - May 7th
Rotation #18: May 7th - May 14th
Rotation #19: May 14th - May 21st
Rotation #20: May 21st - May 28th
Rotation #21: May 28th - June 4th
Rotation #22: June 4th - June 11th
Rotation #23: June 11th - June 18th
Rotation #24: June 18th - June 25th
Rotation #25: June 25th - July 2nd





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