Teachers’ Summer Institute

There is a huge shortage of teachers in Haiti that have received adequate training to prepare them for the difficult task of teaching several subjects to various ages, not too mention other issues that arise in the classroom setting. For example, working with students with developmental disabilities. Another part of the issue is that the few teachers with extended training are generally at the best paying schools. This leaves hundreds of thousands of students who are unable to pay for this type of education, or in communities where it is not even an option, missing out on the opportunity to receive a basic education.

The Haitian American Caucus recognizes this injustice and has proposed to start an annual Teachers Summer Institute. During this week-long program, teachers from around the area, and eventually the country, would participate in advanced training led by volunteers from Haiti and around the world. These teachers would then take the practices back to their schools and for each teacher trained an average of 25 students a year would benefit. In total, we’re looking at impacting over 2500 new children each year.

Right now, we are seeking qualified teachers, school administrators, and other professionals in the field to design and implement the training. This is shaping some of the specifics for the program. For example, we will be able to offer the teachers training in working with students with developmental disabilities this summer because we have secured a professional in the area. Other aspects of the program, such as Classroom Management will be a staple class.

Right now, we need help in a few areas. One is connecting with the Haitian diaspora working in the educational sector who would be interested in participating in TSI. We also need resources to host TSI and to provide teachers who complete TSI with materials to take back to their classrooms. To accomplish either of those goals, we need people spreading the word about TSI and ways to get involved.

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