Teacher Summer Institute (TSI)



Educate Haiti Now

We believe that education is the answer to eradicating Haiti’s cycle of poverty and instability because it gives people access to a better quality of life. A population who is educated is more capable of bringing positive change to their country. Our mission is to rehabilitate the education sector in Haiti so that all Haitian children have ACCESS to QUALITY schooling

TSI provides a forum to connect teach-ers in Haiti with those abroad. During TSI, certified trainers lead workshops, lectures, and seminars focused on en-hancing teaching practices. These seminars provide a space for the ex-change of ideas on contemporary and pragmatic education practices that will be applied to the classroom.

Organization d’Enseignants pour le Changement de L’Edu-cation en Haiti (OECHEH)

The 2012 TSI program resulted in the formation of a self-organized teach-er’s committee OECHEH: Organiza-tion d’Enseignants pour le Change-ment de l’Education en Haiti. They played an instrumental part in devel-opping topics for TSI and inviting neighboring schools to participate in the conference.

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