Farah Louis, Vice President

Farah Louis Pop Culture ReporterFarah Louis is a Haitian-American journalist from Brooklyn, New York and has worked in both media and publicity for the last five years; working with diverse companies, organized groups and government officials. Farah has always had a passion to help Haiti and produce projects that would expand the perspectives of women and youth in Haiti.

In 2009, Farah co-founded the premiere female nonprofit organization entitled, “Bel Ti Fi Empowerment Committee,” an organization with a mission to empower and help enhance the professional development of young Haitian-American women. She later joined the Haitian American Caucus (HAC), in efforts to work toward the missions of empowering and improving the quality of life for Haitians both in the USA and in Haiti. 

Currently, Farah serves as the Executive Vice President of the Haitian American Caucus, overseeing operations and programming initiatives and will be working on exclusive projects for HAC such as TSI and the Women’s Empowerment Group in Haiti and the USA.

Farah’s goal is to serve, enlighten, and uplift the Haitian community through creating positive change, and finding creative and progressive ways to tackle societal issues through media, the arts and public service.


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