The Haitian American Caucus (HAC) US is a grassroots movement of leading young professionals whose mission is to provide the Haitian Diaspora in New York City with access to information and resources that will foster self development and success.



Our vision is to improve the reputation and visibility of Haitian Americans by breaking barriers we face in America. We are dedicated to educating the Haitian community and providing them with essential tools to ensure success in their personal and professional lives.


Here at HAC we operate with the ” Boomerang Effect”, we help others with the same spirit we would want to be helped.

Advisory Board:

Jeff Lindor-Chairman of Advisory Board
Sadrack Belony- Board Member, Treasurer
Samuel M. Pierre-Board Member, Executive Director
Samuel K. Darguin- Haiti Country Director
Farah Lous- Board Member, Public Relations
Rita Pierre- Board Member, Legal Compliance
Ryan Merola- Legal/Advisor to the Executive Director
Sylvio Lamisere-Board Member, Secretary

Executive Board:

Samuel M. Pierre- Executive Director
Thamar Innocent- Chief of Staff
Elisha Pierre-Operations Director
Michelle Ferdinand- Office Manager
Vania Andre- Communications Director
Rachelle Legrand- Administrative Director
Abe Emile- Health & Wellness Committee Chair
Dr. Pierre-Glaude- Health & Wellness Vice-Chair
Debbie Louis-Business Committee Chair
Daniel Jean-Toussaint- Education Committee Chair
Farah Louis- Director, Girls Like Us
Alban Boucher- Youth & Community Development-Chair
Stan Gabriel- Policy Director, Haitian Policy Initiative

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