The Haitian American Caucus (HAC) is a coalition movement that seeks to improve the lives of the Haitian-American community and their allies.  HAC’s mission is to set a platform from which to empower communities of Haitian Americans in New York City. We build lasting partnerships with supporting people and organizations focused on empowering the individual in order to better their community. We vow to improve quality of life by promoting political, educational and moral values. HAC strengthens the network of existing grassroots Haitian-American groups through sharing strategies for innovative organizing.25367_700991310907_8129691_n

HAC is a registered 501©3 organization operating in Brooklyn, NY and on the ground in Haiti. The overall mission of HAC is to serve as a strategic surgical instrument in rebuilding, improving and empowering Haitian communities in the US and in Haiti. Our vision is to build, educate and replicate. HAC believes that education is the key to changing the future of Haiti and we have structured all of our programs to incorporated this value.

Since 2003, the Haitian American Caucus has supported the functioning of Ecole Shalom, a primary school in Croix-Des-Bouquets, Haiti. After the devastating earthquake in January 2010, HAC expanded its educational efforts in Haiti to promote comprehensive community development.  HAC-Haiti seeks to provide the tools, skills and venue for individuals to take control of their destiny. We believe that by educationally, economically and socially, empowering women, children and families, we can a create strength that will build a better Haiti.

Many of HAC-Haiti’s programs focus on the children of the community. Our major activities include maintaining an elementary school, educating 85 children between the ages of three and sixteen annually. We also provide a child-friendly space where students can remain on the premises after school hours to complete their homework and participate in academic and recreational extracurricular activities. Aside from working with the youth, HAC-Haiti provides a holistic approach to supporting the entire community.

Our initiatives include:

  • after school programPicture2
  • agricultural program
  • alpha academy
  • english program
  • literacy program
  • microfinance program
  • Teacher’s Summer Institute
  • Women’s empowerment

HAC truly believes in the old Chinese Proverb, “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.” Because the Haitian motto is, L’union fait la force, (In unity, there is strength) we vow to improve quality of life by bringing individuals and communities together to promote political, educational and moral values. The needs of this country can no longer be ignored, at HAC we believe the time for development is now. We are motivated by our motto, Lè a rive, which means the time has come.

For more information on the work HAC performs in Haiti, visit Haitian American Caucus Haiti


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