Happy Memorial Day!

The Haitian American Caucus would like to acknowledge all active duty, veterans, family and friends of the fallen soldiers who served this great country. This Memorial Day is a sacred holiday to remind us of those who sacrificed their lives for us to live freely. We would like to especially acknowledge soldiers of Haitian descent,[…]

Do You Hate Your Job? 5 Tips To Change That

FORBES _BY DAN REICH “I knew I had to quit when I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning to go to work.” Those words stuck with me. I heard them from a successful entrepreneur and I think about them almost every day. It’s a quick gut check against the happiness and balance in[…]

How To Win At Work: Be Assertive, Not Aggressive

By Jenny Garrett When you are in a meeting and you don’t agree with what is being said, what goes through your mind? Option 1:  I’ll keep quiet, hopefully someone else will speak up and disagree. If not, I’ll just have to go along with it. Option 2:  I need to come out fighting and argue[…]

UNHCR welcomes Dominican Republic President’s bill as positive step in easing statelessness situation

Washington D.C., 16 May 2014 The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) today welcomed the decision by the President of the Dominican Republic to submit a draft citizenship bill to Congress as a first step to restoring the nationality of tens of thousands of persons, mainly of Haitian descent, born in the Dominican Republic who were rendered[…]

Department of Education Invites Community Based Organizations with Early Childhood Centers To Provide UPK

  The Department of Education is inviting Community-based Early Childhood Centers that wish to provide full-day universal pre-K in September, 2014 to submit an application. Applications are now available and will be due back to the Department of Education via email on Friday, May 16 at 5pm.   The DOE engages in an extensive review process to ensure[…]

Common money mistakes

Money mistakes can be costly. From poor credit to no savings for emergencies or retirement, falling into major money pitfalls now can mean years of financial hardship. We surveyed the top financial planners to find out the six biggest money mistakes people make. We’ve got all the sage advice to avoid them, but if you[…]