NAHP Hosts Conference on Diaspora Engagement in Haiti – 2nd Annual NAHP Conference

New York, NY – The National Association of Haitian Professionals, the Joseph Denis Thomas Foundation, and the Haiti Research Policy Program of the Center on Globalization and Sustainable Development at the Earth Institute of Columbia University have partnered for a conference on Haitian Diaspora Engagement and Innovation at the University on November 1-2, 2013. The[…]

The First Rule of Entrepreneurship

The First Rule of Entrepreneurship: Don’t seek handouts. If you get one, it’s a blessing. But it shouldn’t be a part of your strategy. As noble as handouts may seem, it cripples progress in ways the naked non-economic eye can’t see. I know. There are struggling entrepreneurs out there who often need that free assistance[…]

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Many families across this country are still trying to rebound from the economic slowdown meltdown increasing the reliance upon scholarships to pay for college. Christopher Gray, 21, a Drexel University junior and CEO/Founder of Scholly, has found a way to make finding those scholarships easier. Gray himself has been very successful in finding scholarship funds.[…]

11 Pieces of Career Advice That Go 95% Ignored

No matter how many times mentors say them, there are pieces of advice – golden nuggets of been-there-done-that wisdom – that no one (okay, almost no one) ever follows. Not the clichés you see every day like “Become a morning person”. Or the false-positive, affirmation-ridden stuff like “Make someone happy… with a smile!” Nor are[…]

Stop & Frisk ruled unconstitutional

Federal Judge Rules Stop And Frisk Unconstitutional: ‘This Is A Form Of Racial Profiling’ The controversial program has led to 5 million stops of mostly black and Latino men since 2004. People stopped by police were found innocent 90 percent of the time, a statistic that led Judge Shira Scheindlin to note “the policy encourages[…]

Glaucoma cases expected to rise by 66 percent in Black community

Glaucoma affects about three million Americans, with Blacks being four times more likely to develop the disorder than Whites, according to the National Eye Institute. Glaucoma Cases Among African Americans to Increase 66 Percent by 2030 “If you are African American age 40 or older or have a family history of glaucoma, put learning more[…]