Jean Léopold Dominique was born to an affluent family in Haiti. Dominique was educated in agronomy in France and Haiti. In a country where one’s standing could be measured by the lightness of skin, a mixed-race agronomist from a well-to-do family was not the norm. During his formative years, Dominique worked with rural farmers; his fervent advocacy for their plight landed him in jail — an experience that would shape his politics and help define a generation’s fight against oppression. Dominique would become one of Haiti’s most respected political commentators and a leading activist for democracy.

Prior to the 1960?s, most broadcasts were conducted in French. The colonial tongue was used as a tool to exclude the masses. Dominique began his broadcasting career in the early 60?s with a time-leased commercial program on Radio Haiti, where he introduced the first daily radio program in Haitian Creole.


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